Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not all fun and games.

The last two days the temperature has been -18.5 and blowing a gale (with wind chill -55).
In temperatures like this it doesn't take long for anything to freeze. So, two pipes that take waste water from our living accommodation to the treatment plant froze not out side but inside the building, meaning that the holding tanks overflowed and we could not use the wc ,shower or any water till it was sorted. So we took the pipes out from the outside and de frosted them, as I was re fitting them one of the out side pipes froze and no sooner as I poured hot water on it as it was frozen again to the point my hand stuck to the pipe.

So in the end we had to insulate the pipes and cover them up as it was far to cold to stay out any longer.
So Andy and I went in and cleared all the pipes or grime that had built up over the last few years.
DIRTY JOB, But some one has to do it.Unfortunately it's me.

After I went in and scrubbed the pit clean.

Working in an environment such as this you expect frozen pipes etc.

You just have to deal with it.


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