Friday, June 15, 2007

Sea Creatures.

Ali (Alius Massious)
As you can see the water here is very clear although very cold. Ali collects sea creatures so they can be studied by Biologists so they can see whether global warming is affecting these creatures.
You can see more of the Diving side of Antarctic life by clicking on Alison's Blog link.

Crinoids (Promachorinus kerguelensis)
These are just a couple of the creatures that live in the cold water around here they survive temperatures as low as -2. A lot the the creatures look like the ones you get around the coast of Britain.

A Star Fish. (Odontaster meridionalis)
In these dark winter days the divers still go diving and even when the sea freezes over they will cut holes in the ice to go diving.

A Sea Squirt (Cnemidocarpa verrucosa)


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