Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Winter Expedition 2007

Well a Cold misty start for my winter trip.It was touch and go whether we went on Monday as it was very Misty and not good for travelling over crevassed glaciers as you need contrast and definition. Its hard to describe but if you don't have the right conditions you can't tell whether the land ahead is sloping up or down, you also can't judge distance and mostly you can't see crevasses.

Only fifteen minutes into our journey we had to stop and wait for the mist to clear. We travelled linked together .So the front skidoo is joined to the first sledge by a 10m rope then to my skidoo by a 30m rope then from me to my sledge by another 10m rope, both Drew and I were then attached to our doo's by a life line so if one of our doo's went down a crevasse we would be safe.

It was so cold my visor frosted up, when I opened that my eye lashes started to freeze together.
At last we reached our camp site Nunatack N26 this was to be our home for the next seven days. For what should have been a weeks climbing.


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