Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lack of snow

We seam to be having a lack of snow at the moment and what we do get is blown away by the wind. So the ramp is just blue ice which it is impossible to drive up, so the skidoo's have been parked at the top so they can still be used for winter trips.
The snow here is so dry it doesn't stick very well, it's so strange to try and explain to you all back home.
To day was a very cold day I went over to take a fuel sample at the fuel farm with Kenny and it must have been about -15, the wind just cut straight through you and it was so painful on your face.
We are loosing about 8 minutes of light a day and the sun stays close to the horizon.
We hope to go snowboarding by full moon light in the next couple of weeks weather permitting.


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