Saturday, March 03, 2007

Welcome to Fossil Bluff my home for the next week.
It is a small base there will only be three of us here till it closes down.

This is the kitchen, dinning, living and sleeping quarters.
As you can see nothing has changed since it was built.
We cook on a oil fired Rayburn and the lighting is paraffin Tiley lamps.
Electric is provided by a generator, wind turbine and solar panels.

The Bluff is basic but has a homely feel to it compared with Rothera.

This must be one of the most isolated outside WC s in the world, but it must have the best view from the window.
The WC is a gas powered Rocket bog.

You can see by this photo that it's so isolated and due to warming the glacier has retreated from the base as it used to go right up to the door.
Dog sled's used to come here on a thousand mile round trip from one of the main bases.


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